Master Koretoshi Maruyama Our Founder and President

Bentleigh McKinnon Youth Center
5 Higgins Rd (Off Jasper Rd.)
Bentleigh Vic 3204 (Melways Ref: 77 E1)

Classes: Wednesday
7:30pm - 9:00pm
1st Wednesday of the month is weapons night!
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The Art of Peace

WELCOME To  Aikido Yuishinkai Bentleigh

Aikido is a highly refined martial art, developed in the 20th Century as a means of self-defense and spiritual training. The art of Aikido develops coordination of mind and body through its philosophy, techniques, other people and ourselves.

Unlike many martial arts, Aikido requires no particular advantage in strength or speed, and is practiced successfully by people of all ages and abilities.

Aikido practice develops flexibility, coordination, concentration, improved health and fitness, effective communication skills and self esteem.

The physical aspects of Aikido, as graceful and dynamic as they can be, are only the outward manifestation of what is most importantly a real and direct way to improve the quality of our lives.


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